"I am blessed to have some very talented associates to work with.
I would like to acknowledge them here"



ROBERT CHAPMAN has been my technical advisor for over 30 years. Completing his 25th year as Senior Network Systems Engineer for Maxim Integrated Products, Robert Chapman grew up an early adopter of new Silicon Valley technology and guided me through an alternative transition from analog to digital photography.


Robert started building his own computers at an early age and became computer-savvy as the technology grew beyond the video games to desktop publishing in the '80's.


Today he is one of Maxim's most valuable players. RLB



TRINA CHOW grew up schooled with my son Leland C. Burrill the 2nd, and recently confessed that she regrets not having taken my classes while attending high school in Milpitas. Our serendipity meeting at the very time I had decided to build an art defined website drew our endeavors together.


A graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute (1996), "Trina Chow's web page design career has taken off since 1997 as she honed her talent to display the character of her clients. Her "stubborn positiveness" for finding the angels in the details has set her on a path from "Rags to Cyberpace."







ROBERT BURRILL completes his 40th year retrospective with this new Web site RbARTS.Com which is premiering with his San Francisco photography show entitled, "Paper,Pixels, & L.E.D.'s In Homage to Ruth Bernhard. A 2011 Calendar will be available upon request.



"It's all part of the creative process. Art finds its own way when you realize the love that is your life." RLB