Illuminations: Ruth Bernhard, Photographer
Ruth Bernhard

Ruth Bernhard [56 minutes]


Explorer of form and light, the artist reveals her deeply personal vision which reaches beyond ordinary perceptions. Her images of nudes, still lifes and common objects are seen as a new vision



Ruth Bernhard, Photographer

"Light is the drawing pencil of the photographer"


In more than half a century in photography, Ruth Bernhard has created an imposing body of work. Distinguished by their exquisite use of light, her images have been internationally recognized and acclaimed by her peers. Radiant still lifes and nude forms reflect her passionate search for the universal connection of all things


Two portfolios of ten original photographs each were produced in 1976, under the titles of "The Gift of the Commonplace" and "The Eternal Body."


Her images have been published worldwide. Her book, "The Eternal Body," was released by Photography West Graphics, Carmel, CA in 1986. She was featured in "Recollections: Ten Women of Photography," Viking Press, New York (1979); and was the subject of a monograph entitled, "Collecting Light," by the Friends of Photography, Carmel (1979).


Prestigious museums and universities in such major cities as Tokyo, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Mexico City, New York and San Francisco have collected and exhibited her work. Bernhard lectured and taught master classes internationally.



Actual screen shots from the film are shown below.


Excerpt from Illuminations