Cupola 3

A film project entitled, "CINEMATOGRAPHY AS A GRAPHIC ART CUPOLA 3,"

was produced for one of the first Inter-departmental Master's Degree within the Art Drama and Industrial Departments at San Jose State University in 1971.


The intent in this project was to produce a 12 minute 16mm film, in color and synchronous sound, employing an 1890 vintage-red cupola-RR-caboose, as its apparent central subject. The railcar was found resting as a surreal sentinel atop a hill in Portola Valley, CA.


Intensely subjective points of view combined close-up, selective focus and varied focal length cinematography to create a kinetic-cinematic adventure for the viewer. A variety of selected scenes were collected throughout one entire year depicting seasons and weather conditions upon and around an apparent man-made object. The forms, textures colors and the artist-selected juxtaposition produce a cinematic painted poem, entitled, "Cupola 3."


The seasonal repetitiveness of nature is seen in a mystical day that starts with a sunrise upon a frozen earth exposed to water, wind, and rain, transformed by moving sunlight reflecting and revealing lingering water drops about to fall, that refract primary colors upon tempered, cracked, textured glass windows revealing reflections within reflections, the coming of Spring, golden poppies with green-leafed wild flowers, purple lupine, Indian red paint brush and pollinating insects, close upon a pink sunset, a descending sun and an entire year which cycled past this, a "magic cinematic day."


Cupola 3
sunrise textured glass break wheel
FickleFlies Lingering Drop CabooseFog
Wildflowers Reflections CabooseOnHIL