John Wimberley - American Master
Wimberley Portrait

JOHN WIMBERLEY [62 minutes]

Experiencing all objects as a conscious form of Spirit, the artist is a mystic on a spirtual path, whose evocative images define technique and are evidence of magic.

His subjects collaborate by making mutual self-portraits that transcend each other’s individuality.



“I want to be exactly who I am every moment of my life.”


With stunning, feminine, and often mystical images, Wimberley narrates his spiritual quest of how he listens to his intuition to determine what and how to photograph. Our story reveals the creative process and shows how one can be self-taught and use the applications of science, psychology, and mysticism to reach the merits of a master artist.


“I heard that Ansel Adams was speechless when he first saw Wimberley’s photographs, and for days couldn’t stop talking about their richness & beauty.”    --Robert Burrill - Photo, Educator.

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Actual screen shots from the film are shown below.


John Wimberley - American Master trailer