Dwight Caswell: Photographer

"The Nude portfolio" (9 min)


Dwight Caswell has been making photographs since 1968. He studied with Wynn Bullock, Ansel Adams and Steve Crouch. Caswell shoots digital color and traditional B&W Film. Today he lives in Astoria, Oregon.


"Dwight Caswell, Photographer," premiered July 11, 2010 at his show, "LAO-TZU: TAO TEACHING A Meditation in Black and White." at The LightBox Gallery in Astoria. "Photographers don’t take photographs," Ansel Adams insisted, "they make them." Caswell defines the craft.


ROBERT BURRILL began this film in 1974 when he began a series of films called, "The Contemporary Photographers," which included "pilots" on: Steve Crouch, Al Weber, David Cavagnaro, Ruth Bernhard, and Morely Baer. "Dwight was the first 'pro' I filmed," explains Burrill, "So that footage at Pigeon Point, CA confirms that, 'Life is a shutter-speed!' I simply exposed Dwight’s film at 1/30th of a second and 35 years!"



Actual screen shots from the film